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Classroom Grants

Teacher and students

Since 2015, the Sikeston Public Schools Foundation has awarded over $150,000 in Classroom Teaching Grants across SPS.  

Classroom Grant Application

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The Sikeston Public Schools Foundation Classroom Grant Application for 2020 is now available to be submitted. The Foundation Classroom Grants enable applicants to apply for funding of projects or equipment for their classrooms.  The purpose of the grants are to support excellence in teaching and improved student learning through financial support of innovative teaching activities.  The deadline for submission of application is Friday, March 2, 2020, no later than 5:00pm.  Applications are available online at the link above.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Executive Director, Amy Blanton at

2020 Classroom Teaching Grant Recipients

picture of teachers

Danielle Beussink, Wing Elementary: $846 for 2 iPads

Leann Crook, Kindegarten: $460 for 2 Chromebooks

Hailey Sullivan, EAGLE Gifted Program: $1,150 for 5 Chromebooks

Keri Beth Wren-Braswell, Kindergarten: $1,750 for a Classroom Sensory Swing and Padded Wall

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Sikeston High School Science Department represented by Bethany Asmus and Anna Leach: $2,445.53 for Scientific Inquiry Data Collection Tools

Sikeston High School Math Department represented by Paula Watkins and Katelin Henry: $654.50 for a TI Calculator Smartview Emulator for each math classroom.

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Lisa Head, Wing Elementary: $460 for 2 Chromebooks

Carrie Corso, SHS: $1,000 for Art Therapy/Service Projects/Music Therapy

Lauren McGill, Wing Elementary: $344 for Flexible Classroom Seating

Heather Hoeflinger, Sikeston Career and Technology Center: $1121.15 for Culinary Arts Prep Tables and Cooking Equipment

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Kimberly Clark, Southeast Elementary: $390.64 for STEM Hands on Learning

 hannon Davis, Southeast Elementary: $750 for 1 iPad and 3 Sphero Activity Kits

Kasey Reeder-Voorhees, SHS: $900 for Flexible Classroom Seating

​Sarah Drake, Wing Elementary:  $460 for 2 Chromebooks

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Tonya Sparlin & Lauren Polk, 5th and 6th Grade Center:  $464 for Regulation Station for Counselor’s Area

​Carrie Baldwin, Wing Elementary: $460 for 2 Chromebooks

​ Corrie Gordan, Kindergarten Center:  $2,000 for a Sensory Pathway for Preschool Area

Amy Cox, Lee Hunter Elementary:  $320 for STEM Hands on Learning Tools

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​Amanda Thatcher & Darla Crabtree, SHS Art Department:  $500 for 2 Large Paper Cutters

​Pam Lowe, Kindergarten Center:  $984 for a Kitchen Playset

Brenda McKown, Kindergarten Center:  $1,080 for 2 Chromebooks and 2 Learning Playsets

Renee Henson, Junior High School:  $689 for PBL Teacher Resource Library and Supplies

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Erica Bigham, Wing Elementary: $199 for Science and STEAM School Year Activities

Jodi Glidewell, Alternative School:  $980 for STEM Instructional Kits

April Gilbert, Kindergarten Center:  $460 for 2 Chromebooks

picture of teachers

Heather Aldrich, Wing Elementary: $344 for Flexible Classroom Seating

Rhonda Hughey, Wing Elementary: $230 for 1 Chromebook