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Classroom Grant Spotlight

"Thank you to the SPS Foundation for the reading materials that you purchased for our guided reading program. We received leveled reader sets, electronic book CDs for the smart board and computers, and a cart for storage. Every kindergarten classroom is benefiting from these materials. They check them out to use in their small group instruction. Thank you so much for these resources! We are training young readers to reach their potential!! Prior to this money, we were using paper copied books. Now the students are getting to see the pictures in color! They are so excited about learning to read!"




"Receiving the Foundation Grant has completely changed my classroom! My students have books that are developmentally appropriate for them to read. The books are new, not outdated or falling apart. We are able to participate in the Daily 5 program, where each child has a book box with various books they can read on their own. I’ve never had a class that enjoys reading as much as this class. Thank you again for the Foundation Grant!"
Ashley Miller, Kindergarten Teacher



"Our iPads have been a wonderfully helpful tool this year. We are so thankful to the Sikeston Public Schools Foundation for fulfilling this much needed grant. Our children are able to enrich their learning because of your generosity and the generosity of the Sikeston community. We are seeing better grades, improved behaviors, and better retention of skills. Thank you SO MUCH!!"
Meredith Adkisson, Lee Hunter Elementary Teacher