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Teaching Grant Deadline and 5k Color Run

Posted Date: 02/02/2018

Spring is a BUSY time for everyone, including the Foundation.  We have a few things we would like to update you on and remind you about. So get out your planner!!!!

We hope you can make the February 22 basketball game… we have a surprise we will be presenting!!!!!!! Make plans to be there!

March 1: Teaching Grant Application Deadline

Deadline to turn in Teaching Grant Applications.  I have already received quite a few…. So if you have been thinking of filling one out… here is your reminder!!!!! Less than a month away! Think outside the box… what is something that could benefit your classroom and your kiddos for next year?  What is something you wish you had this year that would have made a difference in how you taught a lesson? Is there a program, piece of technology, an activity that would make a huge difference in your day? Think about it, write about it, then send it on over to me! Only takes a bit!  Ask a fellow teacher who has filled one out before. You’ll be glad you did it!

April 21: SPSF 5k

This race has something to offer every single one of you and your friends and family!  There is a Virtual Runner option if you can’t make the event, but still want to participate, 5K Race, 5K Walk, plus, IT’S ALSO A COLOR RUN!               

I am attaching registration forms, never too early to sign up!  Give yourself a goal… you have plenty of time!!!!!!!! Cheers to 2018…. The year of getting and staying fit!!

One more thing.  Thanks to Mr. Henson we now have a HUGE informational sign about our Bulldog Walk of Honor and the commemorative bricks that are for sale.  Look out for this sign at different events throughout the school year.  There will also be forms readily available for you to grab! Please help us build this program!  We have been successful so far, but there is a lot more to go!!!!  So if you have someone who may be interested, send them my way or send them to the giant sign you will probably see everywhere for more info!

Thanks so much for your time!!!! Have a great day and happy Homecoming!